Unlocking Your Intuitive Power with Plant Medicine

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We all are intuitive. Yes, you too. 

Intuition is that inner knowing voice that gently and lovingly moves you in the direction that is best. It is the insight that comes without any reasoning or analysis. It is that heightened physical sensation like when your body tingles with recognition because you know something to be True. These are subtle communications so we need to take time to listen closely.

Intuition is the vehicle that connects your inner vision with your Soul allowing you to perceive what is real. You can awaken your inner vision by activating the sixth chakra, the energetic home to your inner wisdom.

If you’re feeling disconnected from the big picture of your Life or finding it hard to make decisions that feel right, here are a couple of suggestions to help you remove the blocks that keep you from connecting to that inner guidance counselor, your intuition. 


1) Gift yourself five minutes two times each day; once in the morning and again before bed.

2) Create sacred space. Can be as simple as inviting the Divine to be with you. I like to light a candle.

3) Sit in an open position. Limbs uncrossed. Palms resting upward.

4) In the morning, place PEPPERMINT essential oil on the pad of your thumb, then insert onto the soft palate inside your mouth, like a baby sucking her thumb. Peppermint is known to stimulate and clear the mind, refresh the spirit and emotions, inspire discernment, and eliminate negative thought forms. While your thumb is in your mouth, let go of whatever is bothering you.

5) Place a drop of FRANKINCENSE essential oil into the palm of your non-dominant hand. Energize the oil by drawing your index finger through the oil in a clockwise circle. Now that you’ve cleared space by releasing what you don’t want, ask for something you do want. Circle your oil-dipped finger clockwise at your third eye, holding the image of your desire. Dip your finger back into the oil and ask that your vision remain clear throughout the day, then circle over the base of your skull, the visual processing center of your brain. Finally, circle some oil over your heart, asking that your heart be refreshed and connected to your intuitive nature.

6) Give thanks. The universal powers are now acting upon your request. Be grateful for this gift.

7) For your evening session, Peppermint may be too stimulating before sleep. Instead, you can place Frankincense at the temples as you release what you don’t want. Frankincense is known as the oil of Truth, can reveal deceptions and false truth. It is a great oil to use before dreamtime.

8) Anoint your third eye (forehead between the brows), envisioning what you want. Circle the back of your skull, asking for clear perception. Circle your chosen oil over your chest asking for a heart connection. Other oils to consider for this anointing are…

  • CEDARWOOD if you’re feeling lonely,
  • CYPRESS if you’re feeling stuck & tense,
  • JUNIPER if you’re plagued by restless sleep or fears of the unknown,
  • ROSEMARY if you’re having difficulty transitioning, or
  • SANDALWOOD if you’re over-thinking a situation and need a stronger connection to your Spiritual Self.

9) Give thanks and notice any messages delivered during your dreamtime.
10) Repeat daily until you know you’re being shown the way that is right for you.

For me, this process has enlivened my dream world. Lots of messages are coming through. Now my work is to integrate these messages. Intuition comes alive when we listen deeply. 

Sweet dreams!

For a personal Intuitive Aromatherapy Reading, learn more here

KIM TEDFORD, M.A. is an Independent Young Living Distributor, #1146129, devoted to learning and sharing natural ways to support well-being.

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AUTUMN: Nature’s Call to Release What No Longer Serves You

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I’m in love with the notion that Nature instructs us about our own cycles of creating and letting go. The Fall season is knocking at our door here in the Upper Midwest. The 2012 autumnal equinox {September 22} marks the end of our growing season, a falling away of our outer-directed energy, and a growing impetus to turn inward. Just as Nature lets go of her abundant creation, the energy of this season {more than any other} supports our own letting go and an emergence of the naked truth, a healing energy indeed.  

And so it is in the Fall Season that many ancient healing systems instruct us to cleanse our colon, the body system where we absorb the final remnants of useful materials {water and minerals} from our fecal matter and eliminate what is unnecessary or toxic to our body.

If undigested food particles and harmful microbes are left in the digestive tract too long, they irritate the tissues, causing inflammation and a toxic buildup of mucus. If left unattended, our colon begins to malfunction and we can experience a change in our bowel habits {frequency, sense of incomplete defecation}, stool qualities {blood, mucous, tar, size}, and discomfort {pain in low back or hips, diarrhea, constipation, and colitis – lower bowel spasms and upper abdominal cramps}.

Below is a list of conditions that may indicate you have a large intestine problem:

  • Anus itches
  • Coated tongue
  • Less than one bowel movement daily
  • Stools are not well formed {loose}
  • Mucus in stool
  • Excessive foul smelling gas
  • Bad breath or strong body odors
  • Cramping in lower abdominal region
  • Skin eruptions, bumps, rashes
  • Psoriasis
  • Eczema
  • Fungus or yeast infections
  • Stools hard or difficult to pass

Last Fall, I had several of these symptoms and completed my first colon cleanse. The process was gentle, easy to integrate into my daily living, and relieved some concerning symptoms! If you are called to cleanse this area of your body, I have some product considerations for you. Just leave a comment below so we can connect.

We Are More Than Our Physical Bodies

We also are energetic beings. Think of the daily onslaught of “garbage” directed at our mind and spirit. We need to eliminate mental and spiritual rubbish, just like our physical body needs to eliminate waste material. If we don’t, our minds become toxic and constipated, unable to experience the pure beauty that surrounds us.

The energy center that governs our colon health is our Root Chakra. When experiencing colon problems, it’s helpful to notice what group energy is nurturing you. Are you plugged into tribal rules of caution and protection? I know I am. Do you suffer from victim consciousness {self-pity, blaming others, feeling helpless, totally reliant on the external world}? Unfortunately, I must answer “yes” to this question, also. Or are you leaning into Self-love and Divine co-creation? Thankfully, I can answer “yes” to this one! Do you connect with the goodness of life? For me, progress is being made. Thank GOD!!!

These are all Root Chakra issues. So this year, I am adding these first chakra considerations to my colon cleanse protocol. My process, you ask? Therapeutic-grade essential oils and quiet reflection time with Creative Questions.

Why do I choose to let go of what no longer serves me?

Whether you have a closet full of clutter or something pent up inside, Release {an essential oil blend of Ylang Ylang, Lavandin, Geranium, Sandalwood, and Blue Tansy} facilitates our ability to let go and be free. To assist your process of letting go, find a private space where you can journey inward without interruption. Open your bottle of Release, hold it at your waist and allow the scent to drift upwards. Close your eyes. When you smell the fragrance of this blend, take three deep breaths and ask your Creative Question, How do I feel when I let go and let God? Notice how your body responds to this question. Repeat your question. Notice any response; a physical sense, an emotion, a thought, an image. Continue your question and response until you sense a shift, where you realize something is ready to be released.

Now ask, Why is it easy to let go {fill in your personal detail of what you’d like to release}? No need to search for an answer. Gently repeat your Creative Question so your mind can get comfortable with this new curiosity. Repeat your Creative Question and listening for a response until you feel you are complete. Repeat daily until you feel a shift. Journaling can support your recognition of what is being let go, your emerging consciousness, and your new choice.

September 2012 Offerings

If you are unsure about your root fear or resistance, a Body Awareness session can facilitate a quieting of your mind so you can receive messages from your body and spirit. Schedule a session in September and receive a sample vial of Release to continue your work at home.

If you are in need of a personal bottle of Release, I can facilitate that purchase for you. Just leave a message below.


Kim Tedford, M.A., is a personal development coach and certified energy practitioner that believes in sharing tools of self-empowerment for your personal practice. She offers private sessions {in-person, phone, skype} and group classes. Learn more at www.integralembrace.com.


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It’s true. My feet are often cold to the touch especially when the weather turns cool. And my brave man carefully snuggles those frozen tundras between his thighs being careful not to flash freeze the crown jewels. What a sweetie!

This winter, I’ve decided to take a look at my interior thermostat to see if I can address this obvious circulation problem.

Fueling the Fire

I’m starting with nutrition. Protein and fat build, fuel, and warm the heart, hands, and feet. That means meat, eggs, chicken, fish, cheese, and beans for me. AND I’ll be looking to cut my high-carb ways {pasta and bread for me} as these foods tend to weaken, thin, and cool my blood, which in turn cools my extremities.

Building muscle mass helps generate metabolism and body heat. So I suppose I should look at weight training. Can you hear my lack of enthusiasm on this one? I am committed to a home yoga practice {scented, of course}. Check out these beautiful ladies {now friends} for Milwaukee WI area yoga classes… Haleybird Yoga Studios, The Anahata Project, and Bo Hahnfeld.

Trimming the Excess

Excess weight contributes to circulation problems. So the question is… how do I balance my fire fueling protein and fat needs with weight loss?

Here’s some recipes to kick-off the Fall cooking season… This hearty beef stew calls for fresh thyme but usually I use a few twigs and the rest rots in the refrigerator. What a waste. So I’m investing in a bottle of Thyme Essential Oil, a fabulous warming oil all by itself!

Here’s something for you vegetarians, yummy squash soup. I chose this recipe because of my love for ginger. Even though I love this knobby root, I inevitably find a withered remnant the next time I want to add fresh ginger to a recipe. So this time I added drops of Ginger Essential Oil {to taste} just before serving. Ginger helps “push” the blood to capillaries warming the skin surface of my extremities!

Under Pressure?

Both low and high blood pressure can cause hands and feet to be constantly cold. Low blood pressure indicates the blood flows too easily. High blood pressure suggests blood flows with difficulty. As a result, only a small amount reaches the extremities.

Last time I checked, I had normal blood pressure but high cholesterol {a potential artery blocker and contributor to high blood pressure}. Fat acids contained in fish can help reduce the amount of cholesterol. So that’s why I’ll be looking at fish as nutritional support to balance my blood flow. Then, there’s all that concern about mercury and lead poisoning of our fish supply. Ugh. Maybe it’s time for an Omega Blue supplement.

Coffee is out, as it narrows the vessels. Alcohol widens the vessels so I guess I’ll keep that one glass of red wine at dinner. And as always hydration with good quality, filtered water is critical to keeping the capillaries wide. Doctors are recommending at least 48 ounces each day. {Ask me for more info if you’re looking for an in-home water filtration unit.}

Then, there’s stress. If you are a workaholic, diffuse Essential Oils with sedative properties to break the cycle. Some ideas… Basil {also a great flavoring oil}, Geranium, Lavender, or Marjoram. That leaves emotional, environmental, mental, and physical stress. My recommendation… Come to this month’s Creativity Playdate to learn more about stress reduction!

Light Massage

I’m going back to my sweet man for this one. I’ll supply the essential oils. He’ll provide the muscular strength and loving touch. My latest exploration is with Young Living’s AromaLife, a blend of Cypress {strengthens capillary walls}, Marjoram {warming to body and emotions}, Helichrysum {blood cleanser}, and Ylang Ylang {enhances self-love, confidence, joy, and peace} in a base of sesame seed oil. Apply to the soles of the feet, over the heart {front and back}, and above the elbow.

And if he’s not in the mood, I always have my magnetic insoles and far-infrared socks to help regulate temperature in my tootsies!

There’s Always More!

You may have guessed the theme for this month’s Creativity Playdate. Yes, we’re exploring ways to keep the body warm when outside temperatures drop. We’ll serve hot foods and drinks, share recipes and essential oils, and learn ways to increase circulation, reduce stress, and warm those extremities. Dress comfortably, as we may whip out a yoga move and strip off our socks to massage our feet. We have room for eight so reserve your space with pre-payment. Questions? Leave a reply to this post and get the conversation going.

Kim Tedford, M.A., is a Life Coach & Emancipator of Stuck Energy.
If you feel ready to explore the highlights and shadows so you can master your self-portrait, Kim offers in-person and long-distance services to consciously create anew. Learn more at www.integralembrace.com.

This information is intended for general information and educational purposes. It is not intended to replace the advice of your health care provider.

Embracing the Circle

September 1, 2011 Leave a comment

Recently, I found myself called to participate in a few circles {yoga, meditation, and community service}. Through these practices, I experienced some full circle moments; a completion of sorts, where my participation brought me astounding visions and insights, which helped me to identify my next natural, authentic choice in action.

Angeles Arrien is a cultural anthropologist who writes about the circle in her book, Signs of Life: The five universal shapes and how to use them. The circle symbolizes wholeness; that harmonious state of unity. She further explains that when people are engaged in the search for wholeness they aspire to independence and individuation. What they need most is space; room in which to find themselves and develop their own identity. No wonder I live alone!

For me, the circle has an interior and exterior domain, much like my internal world where I face myself and the external world where I play.

I find in my healing arts practice that it is often the exterior world that helps people finally turn inward to sort out their personal truth. When we identify our truth, we can start to use our difficult emotions to guide us toward behavior that feels well aligned. This shifts our external world because people start to know the truth of who we are, without question.

If you are working with your interior landscape, there is an essential oil blend called Inner Child that can help you connect with your inner self. This blend is designed to help sort out your natural identity and the emotional balance that is an inherent part of your authentic self.

Inner Child can help you clear cellular memory of childhood cruelty and mistreatment. If your childhood was fraught with desertion, distorted messages, or erratic energy, Inner Child can help you release emotional patterns and return to feelings of connectedness, innocence {I’m not talk naiveté here}, and harmony.

This blend contains the therapeutic essential oils of orange, tangerine, jasmine, ylang ylang, spruce, sandalwood, lemongrass, and neroli. If you live in my neck of the woods {my favorite brew town, Milwaukee WI}, I’m happy to meet with you, share the scent, and explore how you might use this oil and the symbol of the circle to clarify an area of your life for some shape shifting.

If you’d like to join a circle, I’m offering a Creativity Playdate in my home to explore the five universal shapes, your preference for the shapes, and the associated meaning behind your choices. We also will sample some essential oils to help you enhance the learning your preferred shape holds for you. Then, we’ll craft a necklace, bracelet, or whatever you want to make. Each beaded piece can include your preferred shape AND diffuse your favorite oil. We’ll meet Saturday 1-3:30pm, September 17, 2011. We have room for eight to embrace the circle. 

KIM TEDFORD, M.A., is certified healing arts practitioner. Her modalities include an easy emotional release method {The Emotion Code}, an enlightening energetic touch and subtle movement piece {Unlimited Body}, and a powerful circular breath technique {Unlimited Breath}. You can explore more at www.integralembrace.com.

Homeostasis: Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

February 4, 2011 Leave a comment

I recently attended a lecture by Roger Drummer, a favorite herbal healer that helps me understand my body and its needs. He talked about the body’s innate wisdom to always move toward a state of health. We can support this process by eating REALLY WELL since every function in our body is dependent on nutrition.

If we don’t provide the necessary nutrients for our body to do its job each day, our body will take over and start to regulate all our different processes to make up for the lack of proper nutrition.  Our body will actually rob nutrients from one place to correct an imbalance somewhere else so we don’t become sick or die.

So every time we eat something that is loaded with sugar (oh, no… that morning pastry!), empty calories (those dips and chips you’re planning for the Superbowl this Sunday?), artificial sweeteners (they’ve been telling us about the “die” in diet soda) or other chemicals (processed foods crammed with artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives), this balancing process of robbing Peter to pay Paul goes into overdrive. It draws energy (known in the body as minerals and nutrients) from all over our body to counteract the effects of what we just ate, so we can continue to feel “almost normal”.

Eventually the body can no longer compensate for it’s deficiencies and little things start to break down. Over a long period of time, we start to experience chronic diseases (allergies, diabetes, heart disease, obesity) or we have a major health crisis.  

In addition to a healthy food plan, there is a “perfect food” to support our nutritional needs. It is young green barley grass. Dr. Yoshihide Hagiware, a researcher who reversed the toxic effects of his own experiments that contaminated his body, found young green barley grass to be an extremely potent detoxifier. Barley grass juice contains abundant chlorophyll, antioxidants, enzymes, and other phytochemicals that neutralize free radicals and other unfriendly chemicals, including pesticides and food preservatives (BIG PROBLEMS in our current food supply).

So if we’re unsure of the nutritional value of our diet, we can supplement with this amazing food. The concern is to find a pristine source to ensure that we are receiving all the health benefits.

Nikken’s Bio-Directed Jade GreenZymes® was developed in conjunction with Dr. Yoshihide Hagiware. It is gluten-free and has earned USDA organic and Kosher certifications. This proprietary barley grass nutrition contains:

Young Barley Grass – one of nature’s most perfect foods, rich in nutrients (almost 45% protein), minerals, and enzymes. Nutritionally superior to wheat grass.

Galactomannan – a water-soluble fiber that slows glucose absorption and creates a “full” sensation in your stomach when consumed. (Great support for us overeaters!) Helps to regulate blood sugar levels and aids digestion.

Kombu Extract – a sea vegetable with an incredible array of trace minerals rich in enzymes, folate, calcium, and magnesium. Kombu extract aids digestion and may help support your immune system.

Pearl Barley Seed Extract – a famous Chinese medicine herb for balancing your digestive energy and the way your body utilizes the nutrients.

Green barley grass is loaded with natural enzymes. But these compounds are destroyed or broken down by heat. Only Jade GreenZymes™ use specially developed cold processing, a method of preparation that helps preserve the enzymes for your benefit.

If you’re looking for a pure source of this amazing food, I can help! Choose from a powder mix or capsules. Jade GreenZymes® has a clean, crisp flavor, with no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. You can optimize the benefits by taking earlier in the day without food, but this “perfect food” can be taking anytime.

EMOTIONAL VULNERABILITY: To feel it is to heal it

July 1, 2010 Leave a comment

Sometimes my clients arrive for their breath sessions a little (OR A LOT) out of sorts. Their emotional body is activated and they are often agitated by their “crying for no reason”. I frequently see one of three responses to this emotional vulnerability.

A popular response comes in the form of the ego’s voice dismissing the emotion with a comment like “this is a waste of time” or “nothing’s changed”. The ego is desperate to avoid these emotional releases because energy surge that results from a release can bust through the “holding” that keeps the current way of being in place.

But my clients come to me requesting a change. I gently remind them of their previous sessions. They have faced the physical and emotional discomfort before and the breath invariably leads to feeling of relief, energy, or gratitude for new insight. These are courageous folks I support and I am always impressed with their ability to pursue their dreams even in the face of turmoil.

Another common response to emotional upset is an inability to remain present with our experience. In breath sessions, I’m always asking “what’s your experience now?” or “how are you feeling now?” Our experience is a process of noticing where our attention is in each moment. If thoughts are taking you on a wild ride of events earlier in the day, then you are not present now.

Awareness flows through our entire body and often pauses to focus on the details of a particular sensation. With a curious mind, we can explore what this sensation has to reveal. Paying attention like this is a beautiful act of self-love. It is healing. This is why breath sessions end with a heightened sense of peace. We have requested a change and we are willing to feel the energy that is hindering our movement towards what we want.

The third ego cry I hear is a fear that something dreadful will be revealed. What if the breath unlocks my secret desire to leave my marriage? Or what if my mean streak is revealed? Or could there be something even more clandestine? I have yet to see breathwork operate in this way. The breath empowers our spirit, which always serves the highest good.   

Breath sessions are not about forcing anything. They are about finding where the tension or fear resides in the body. Then, the invitation is to simply be with your experience and to feel yourself in it. You are encouraged to be faithful to yourself, to stay with your experience, to remain curious, to listen, and to breathe.   

In breath sessions, you dive deep into yourself and discover what is authentic to you. This is YOUR life, not anyone else’s. Whatever is happening, it is happening to you. However you respond to life, you can choose your response. One choice is to allow the release of energetic blockages; sometimes experienced as tears or even sobs, sometimes experienced as tension in the body, other times experienced as unbridled laughter.

Other, more deprecating choices are to be dismissive with your emotions, undisciplined with your mind, or to vacate your spirit. But when all is said and done, you are the one that is experiencing all this. You are the breathing one. You are the one who wants to heal.

My hope is that you will allow yourself a moment of inward focus today. In that moment, trust yourself. Allow your emotional vulnerability. Feel your bodily sensations. Breathe consciously. Your attention will change you deeply. It will bring wisdom. You will experience freedom.

© Kim Tedford. All rights reserved.

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Kim Tedford, M.A., is the founder and creative director of Integral Embrace, an intuitive coaching practice where ordinary people discover their extraordinary capacity to heal and create anew through authenticity. A former marketing communications executive, Kim also consults with healing arts professionals to develop their online presence through social media and website content. Visit www.integralembrace.com to explore more offerings.

MANTRA BRACELETS: How to stop self-effacing mind chatter

May 21, 2010 Leave a comment

Have you ever caught yourself rambling on and on (in the privacy of your own mind, of course) about your inadequacies? You know what I mean… the movie loop that plays over and over in your head. Maybe your version is about the momentary lapse with the Krispy Crème this morning, or you have an unexpressed internal rant raging, or you’re constantly comparing yourself to others (unfavorably, that is).

STOP IT! These continuous onslaughts of self-deprecating thoughts are killing you! Not only are they creating stress in your body, they are wounding your heart and depleting your spirit. You wouldn’t say these things to a treasured friend. Nor would you speak such vile in an intimate moment with your partner. For that matter, your most challenging business relationship probably gets more respect.    

That leaves us with the question of how do we stop this personal ambush?

Imagine if you wore an external prompt (like a bracelet) to help your mind work FOR YOU, rather than against you. What if this bracelet was a beautifully hand-crafted piece of art adorned with a question to remember that YOU are a delightful, thought-provoking creation (just like the bracelet)?

It’s true. Carefully crafted questions can harness the amazing power of that stunningly gorgeous mind of yours. What if this bracelet asked the question… Why am I a Gift? Do you have an answer?

What is the response in your body when you feel this question… Why am I a Gift? When you are truly answering this question, there is only a feel-good response.

Sometimes we are so filled with false messages of our seemingly flawed nature that we can’t even hold the question in our mind. If this is your case, I welcome a conversation to explore healing methods to release this unwarranted broadcast.

When you are reminded to repeatedly ask… Why am I a Gift?… you radiate powerful thought energy into the world. Now, wouldn’t that be a gift? Plus you attract energies that resonate with being a Gift. All this happens when we ask a question that contains the desire within our inquiry. We call these empowering explorations, Creative Questions.

So how can we remind ourselves to ask the Creative Question? By wearing MANTRA BRACELETS! When we repeat the Creative Question, like a mantra, we entrain our mind, heart, and body to resonate with our Gifted Nature. You begin to think well of yourself more often. You appreciate yourself. You feel good about yourself. You express yourself. And on and on you go, repeating your Creative Question like a mantra, expanding your confidence and sharing your merit with the world. This is called Self-esteem.  

To stop your disparaging mind chatter, give yourself the gift of a Mantra Bracelet.  

If you’d like to design a personal Creative Question to address your specific creative desire, I offer a 4-week coaching series. Sometimes a Creative Question can drudge up resistance. This is a good thing because this resistance is what separates you from what you want. As a certified Creative Question teacher, I can support you to understand the wisdom of these uncomfortable feelings and remain focused on what you want to create. Each coaching series includes a Mantra Bracelet featuring your personalized Creative Question.

I welcome your responses below… Why are YOU a Gift?

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